About Me


My name is Jarred Velez I live in Brewster, NY. I usually get to campus by at around an hour or so before whatever time class starts that given day since parking is anything but easy to come by. It usually takes me about 30-35 minutes to get to campus from home. I am most fluent in English, it’s my first language but I do understand spanish and I can’t really speak it all that well, I do understand it more than I can speak it. I worked at Lemon Ice King in Corona, Queens up until recently so I can look for a better job closer to home while I go to school for about 20-35 hours per week. Someone I know who has earned a college degree is my older cousins and my aunts, uncles and various family friends. Something I’ve done that I’m proud of is making the varsity basketball team in 11th and 12th grade and working hard in basketball camps over the summer and practicing to ensure I made it. In my free time I enjoy playing  video games with my friends or playing basketball with my friends in the city. Three of my favorite things are video games, basketball, and drawing. Something I like about college is the freedom and being able to set up my class times. Something I don’t like about college is how scarce parking is in the mornings for some classes so I have to leave early so I’m not late. I’m going to WCC to eventually get my degree in visual arts.  I chose to enroll in 2D Design because I need it to get my degree in Visual Arts. Something I’d like to learn in 2D Design is I want to do Game Designing because ever since I was little my dad showed me video games I fell in love with the playing and thought of creating something that can be brought to life rather than be just an idea. In five years I would like to be doing all of my goals such as creating video games that have always caught my attention and hopefully give a young kid aspirations to do what I love to do.