Case Study


Client/Instructor: Professor Krikun, SUNY Westchester Community College

Character Design and Animator: Jarred Velez

Project Title: Cat and Tree   Date: Spring 2018

Final Case Study


I have learned from animations that not only is it a bad idea to procrastinate with these things but it is time consuming and enjoyable at the same time. The projects we were given this semester gave us insight into the jobs of people up at disney, along with other major companies that produce animations for millions to enjoy.


My story was about an old lady who was walking with her cat in the park when a mutt comes and chases the cat up the tree, whose dog is it and where is the owner?


The animation was to have at least one scene fully animated. Each scene was meant to have all its storyboards inked and colored. The animation was to be rendered into .MOV, .FLA, and .MP4 files, uploaded to a YouTube account, and shown on our blog.



I decided to follow the general art style to who created the old lady cat and the dog with exception to my character I created being of a different style to be of which I just made him a general cartoon-y feel but not as simple as the other characters were made to be.

I used different styles I saw online either in different animation videos or in google images to scavenge the perfect style in which to create my ideal character.



The main challenges were mainly the feelings of being overwhelmed which held me back a lot when I would look into exactly how much I had done vs how much I needed to get done.


Challenges dealing with animate and anything else other than the mental blockades had to be the fact that I am not entirely a genius when dealing with animate and the things we learned in class easily slipped my mind when working from home so I needed to spend a lot of time trying to remember certain things or trying to look into Youtube to get an alternate way to solving my problem if unable to find the way we learned in class.



My main strategy early on was to create the character models exactly how I wanted and to have the story have each necessary action so I didn’t have to go back and for instance create the cat running in the middle of trying to get everything else situated.


The tools that worked wonderfully for me was the paint brush tool and the free transform tool which both had a tremendous help with exactly creating the design I wanted and the perfect shapes I needed.


The toughest tool I attempted to use was the bone tool and I figured I might try it although for my specific task the professor advised against it being an unnecessary tool and there were better ways I could’ve done the project.

Design Approach:


The design I usually watch when dealing with any type of animation is not necessarily a professional but a Youtuber by the handle of ‘Llama Arts’. I never was into scary stories or animated really anything besides anime until I saw the scary stories she animated with Animate!



The strategies and way I went about completing this project wasn’t a very good way as I struggled to complete the project and could’ve done more so it wasn’t such a heavy workload in the very end.

I didn’t get to animate the exact story and exact way I wanted simply because of the poor time management and struggle to get the final project handed in in general.


My overall experience while I didn’t make the exact project I would have liked, I did create a decent animation for my first complete animation and in order to further my skills in animation the main thing I need is to remember the way to creating things without getting overwhelmed and to do much better time management.