Digital Animation

12 principles of Animation Week 1

Favorite Animation

Secondary Action- The drop as it goes down to the middle of the page drops into the water and the secondary action is the ripples that go off out of the page. Another secondary action that occurs is the balloon and the pop that goes off after it grows a little.

Timing- The timing aspect is shown through both above examples as well as the white ball that bounces a few times and the blue ball that came and knocked it off screen.

12 principles of Animation Week 2

Staging- The animator does a good job of keeping the main important stuff in the foreground and not having it cluttered with unimportant items.

Arc- The entire animation was made incredibly and had a great sense of realism with the bodily movements and the different interactions with the arms, facial features, fingers etc.

12 principles of Animation Week 3

Appeal- The main character has a great charisma that at least for me kept me watching and had me laughing at a few of the general stereotypes people have for Canadians and just overall had me at least smiling 90% of the way when watching it and utterly just enjoying the animation and video.

Follow Through and Overlapping Action- The narrator’s arms and body parts move realistically and have realistic facial features or the way the narrator’s clothing falls or lays and the movements in his body.

12 principles of Animation Week 4

Solid Drawing- This animation was done I’m almost positively sure done through computer editing and creating however the attention to detail and the wonderful animations mustn’t go unnoticed.

Secondary Action- The secondary action occurs a lot when the animation focus’ on the humans and the evil aspect of them plundering and taking what they want and not caring about who or what they hurt in the way.

12 principles of Animation Week 5

Anticipation- After the beginning where death touches a few animals he sees a doe and the viewer waits and anticipates death touching the doe as well and killing it but it doesn’t happen until the very end.

Staging- The layout is very important and easy to understand because the artist put the scenes very simple with only important things noticeable by movement or being alive etc, the animals which are living and death himself is always in the foreground and at center of attention and the main story of what the creator wanted us to pay attention to.

12 principles of Animation Week #6

Appeal: The main character speaks on fitness and health but she has a definite appeal and charisma that draws the viewer to like her and to care more about what she’s saying including the way it was created gives the character a more likeable feel.

Secondary Action: Even from the very beginning the primary character is speaking and moving around and there’s a few things going on in the background such as deadlifting, chopping up food etc. and it continues throughout the entirety of the video.

12 principles of Animation Week 7

Anticipation: This animation is purely an anticipation and thriller type of video and throughout the story the narrator and the animation give it a more gloomy and suspenseful feel with the monotone reading and the scene taking place very late at night.

Exaggeration: The exaggeration aspect has been seen through the features of the smiling man, the huge smile that no real person is capable of actually having, and the body proportions has been exaggerated as well to both make the antagonist more creepy and add to the “what’s gonna happen next” sort of anticipation of the entire story.

12 principles of Animation Week #8

Appeal: The characters in the given animation have an appealing nature which keeps the viewer interested in the different funny things they say or do throughout the length of the video.

Follow Through and Overlapping Action: The movements the worms do all have a realistic feel to it and the the emotions they make makes their faces change like the eyebrows move and you can tell the different emotions the characters experience because of this

12 principles of Animation week #9

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